Paymentus' duck mascot, Bill the Duck

Cheers to 20 Years!

In 2004, an idea was hatched: simplify bill payments for the hundreds of millions of bill payers worldwide. To celebrate this idea, Paymentus joined forces with someone who knows a thing or two about bills – Bill the Duck. For two decades, Bill has helped our clients keep their customer service afloat, get their ducks in a row and best serve those who have bills. Today, we’re excited to celebrate Bill and all those who have flown with us over these last 20 amazing years. Here’s to continued innovation and greater successes to come! We are just getting started.

Meet Bill

You’ve seen him at trade shows, on Instagram and maybe even on a pair of shoes or two. Get to know our fine-feathered friend and learn more about his dedication to making life easier for everyone – and everything – who has bills.

Bill Bits & Fast Facts

Bill's no ordinary waterfowl. He's a Renaissance duck, flying to the beat of his own drum and going where the breeze takes him (usually to a trade show). Get a little inside info on Bill and see why he's a fan favorite wherever he lands.


William E. Billingsworth


January 13, 2004

Favorite Food


Favorite Movie

The Mighty Ducks

Favorite Band

The Byrds

Favorite Quote

‶Happiness is the richest thing we will ever own.″

The Journey to Becoming Best in Class

As Paymentus celebrates 20 years, join us in revisiting some of the milestones of our past that have laid the foundation for our future.

Congratulations to our Billebration Photo Contest Winners!

We're thrilled to have received incredible submissions from all across the country! Here are the best of the best from our categories of (starting in back, from left to right) Most Creative, Best Group/Team, Cutest, Funniest, Most Pet Friendly, and Most Exotic Location!

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Billebration Photo Contest

Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to our winners! Keep up with the photo fun and excitement of Billebration by following Bill’s adventures on Instagram. We’ll share Bill’s latest travels, celebrate special holidays, and provide billing and payment insights to continue to help you Bill Better®

What Bill Means to Us

Bill reminds us that, while the work we do is very serious, we can always have fun. We can deliver for our clients and keep a smile on our face.

It’s pretty inspiring to see a flock of ducks flying in formation. Bill symbolizes that from our team to our clients, we’re all working together and moving in one direction.

In an interesting way, I think Bill’s greatest impact lies in humanizing our world. While we may work in a fast-paced, highly technical industry, Bill shows that there will always be a place for meaningful, personal connections.

Bill is Bill. When you see Bill at an event, you want to take him home. I love seeing team members bringing him on their trips and showing off their photos. It makes me smile every time.

It’s our job to deliver modern, inclusive and innovative billing and payment products that so many people rely on. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t work with a smile. And yes, that little duck always makes me smile.

Ask Bill

After 20 years of leading the billing and payment flock, Bill has learned a thing or two about helping clients Bill Better®. Have a question for Bill or any of our payment experts? Send us an email with a question or topic for a future Bill Better® article and if published, you’ll win a special prize.

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